Importance and Role of Research Proposal

A research proposal is, perhaps, the most responsible and time-taking part of the research paper. Sometimes, your research paper may be missing it, but the grade may be respectively lower. Thus, it makes sense to include research proposal in your paper. Sometimes professors assign this sort of task as a separate paper. It would be then shorter than the entire research paper.

The main purpose of the proposal is to reflect and justify the necessity to examine a given research issue and to display the practical methods required to conduct the research. The design elements and entire process needed for proper research are governed by standards within the particular academic subject. You may have already noticed that the instructions and requirements for research proposals are less formal and more accurate than the whole project.

One of the main elements of any research proposal is a literature review. It should look like the detailed bibliography meaning a student not only lists the sources used in the paper, but also provides a short, one-passage summary for each article, textbook, or journal. It is crucial to develop literature review based on one of the writing styles:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago/Turabian
  • Harvard
  • Oxford

An extensive literature review is a detailed annotated bibliography. When you are not required to write the whole thing, just create a standard works cited page.

How We Cope with Your Academic Challenges

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You may order only one part of a research proposal from us. For instance, you can pay for literature review only. Besides, sometimes tasks like this are assigned separately to check how well a student works with the primary and secondary sources. Another element of this long assignment is called methodology. Here our writers will describe the techniques applied to conduct in-depth research on the given question. The methodology looks like a separate guide. It consists of the tips necessary to carry out a research consistent with requirements of the professional/scientific/academic area as well as a statement on anticipated results and advantages gained upon the project’s completion.

A research proposal is a huge task after all. It consists of 20 or even more pages. It is as responsible as dissertation or coursework. That’s why it is logical that you may worry. If you are late with at least one of the proposal’s parts, contact us ASAP to get immediate and high-quality help. In case you cannot cope with the whole project, place your order for writing a full research proposal with all of its elements. You’ll be amazed by the quality of our writing services. We hope to see you among our loyal clients!